Escorts Make Excellent Stand-in Boyfriends

Is being single and unattached a problem for everyone but yourself? Engaging an escort as your stand-in boyfriend is an easy and creative fix.

Here are some possible scenarios:

For example, your cousin’s wedding. Think of the relief you’ll feel when your nagging parents and aunties end the, “You need to get a man blah, blah, blah,” routine. I’m a good dancer too. Watch the film “The Wedding Date” for inspiration.

Here’s another one. You’ll be able to fully enjoy your night on the town or your vacation knowing that random dudes won’t be hitting on you. Bye bye annoying guy with your escort stand-in boyfriend at your side.

And just imagine how entertaining the boring office party will become once you’ve given your nosy colleagues something to talk about. You’ll be the latest water cooler gossip sensation.

Of course making your “ex” jealous is always a crowd pleaser! Revenge is  sweet. Probably you have your own ideas for using an escort as your stand-in boyfriend. I’d be interested to hear them. Let’s talk and come up with a plan. We’ll devise a believable cover story and rehearse it. I’m an excellent co-conspirator. I’ve got your back!  Together we can turn a stressful social situation into a fun adventure.