+ Is seeing a male escort safe?

Your safety is top on my list of concerns. In many ways, seeing me could possibly be the safest and most enjoyable way to fulfill your intimate needs.

Here are some of the ways I’ll make sure you’re safe.

I will keep our encounters and your personal information and identity completely discreet and confidential.

When we are apart, I will not contact you, unless you have specifically requested that I do so, and only in the manner that you wish. I can offer you tips on how to keep our communications private.

I’m hygienic and healthy. I always carry and use condoms. If you have allergies to latex please let me know. I practice safe sex protocols. I get comprehensively tested every three months for sexually transmitted infections at a clinic that specializes in this area. I have printed results of these tests if you would like to see them.

While I’ve never had a condom failure, in the unlikely event it did happen, you wouldn’t have to worry about pregnancy. I’ve had a vasectomy.

During our time together you can expect me to be a proper gentleman – respectful, consensual and attentive to your needs. This also includes your emotional safety. I will always be kind, non-judgmental and see the best in you.

My studio is located in a safe and beautiful neighbourhood in downtown Vancouver, the West End.

I don’t drink, smoke or use substances.

Safety is a must. Yours is always my highest priority.

+ What kind of a woman sees a male escort?

Any woman who wants to get her intimate needs met. You can read more about these women and why they choose to see escorts here.

+ Is it common for women to see a male escort?

Traditionally no, but these days more and more women are using this safe, convenient service to indulge themselves with a truly fulfilling sensual encounter.

+ I’m a woman. Why should I pay for sex when I can easily get it for free?

Sex with terrible lovers, drunken sex, painful sex, or sex that can put your health, reputation and relationship at risk is indeed easy to find for free.

Sex and intimacy with depth, that’s safe, satisfying, consensual and confidential with a refined master of the erotic arts is rare and priceless.

+ What if I fall in love with you?

“Lucky us!” I say.

Love is a delicious emotion and human experience to relish. Love is not a problem. The problem is all the extra meanings we pile on top of it.

Here are some common ones. If I love you I own and control you. If we are in love we must merge every aspect of our lives. If you love me you must take care of my every need. Loves means getting married, living together and not loving anyone else.

Separated from all this heavy baggage, love flourishes and takes many forms like friendship, passion, playfulness, acceptance, adventure and healing. All these forms are possible, when we challenge our old false notions about love.

That being said, any love we share will stay safely contained within our agreements of time, place and monetary exchange. These clear boundaries ensure that our relationship won’t infringe on other parts of your life.

I look forward to loving you!

+ I am uncertain about my looks and age. What if you aren’t attracted to me?

I don’t support the narrow and oppressive ideal of beauty with which popular culture bombards us. You are beautiful in you own way. I will notice that. I will find something about you that attracts me and turns me on. You will never get any negative judgements from me. I’ve written a whole story about this common concern.

+ Does seeing an escort mean I’m cheating on my husband/partner?

I won’t lie, if you’re in a monogamous relationship this question is definitely something you’ll have to reckon with. This is not a simple yes or no. Life is complicated.

For example, seeing me could be emotional life support for you, giving you the strength to endure a cold marriage for the sake of your family and sanity.

Or perhaps you really love your husband, but he can’t meet your sexual needs, or you’re no longer attracted to him. If neither risking your relationship, nor living a life without sensual passion is acceptable to you, seeing an escort is a wonderful alternative.

In another possible scenario, our professional arrangement could help you heal old wounds which eventually leads to richer intimacy within your marriage.

Is any of that cheating?

Ultimately this question goes beyond simple morality and can’t be easily answered – only lived. Try me and see how you feel. I’m always open to discuss your feelings about seeing me. I’ll support you in whatever choices you make.

+ Can I bring my husband/partner?

Yes. I’m straight, but flexible and open minded. I enjoy sensual play with couples.

+ Can I combine different stories (services) or make special requests?

Yes. I’ve separated the various “stories” to give you a picture of the range of services I offer. You can certainly combine them to suit your unique needs and desires. I’m open to any special requests like travel, fantasy and kink.  Whatever you can imagine, I will consider without judgement.

+ When are you available?

I don’t work office hours. I suggest you book at least a week in advance. On rare occasions I can book you in sooner. Please contact me directly for my next availability.

+ What can you guarantee me?

I will be a gentleman at all times. This is all about you. Your pleasure, desires and comfort.

This includes: Protection of your privacy. Discretion. Prompt and clear communication. Showing up on time. Appropriate attire for social occasions. Being sober. Cleanliness and good grooming. Respect for your desires and wishes. Attentiveness. Kindness. Sensual touch that is pleasurable. A friendly and caring attitude. Safe sex protocols. Seeing the best in you. And clearly communicating my own needs while taking care of yours.

+ What do you expect of me?

Most of all I’d like you to be yourself.

Don’t worry about taking care of me. I’m in charge of that.

Connect with your pleasure and desire. Ask for what you want and need, as clearly and often as you can. If this is a challenge for you, I can coach you.

Observe common courtesies like showing up on time for our date and having the arranged fee with you.

That about covers it.

+ Is this legal?

You’re only paying for my time and attention. Anything that happens within that time is the private concern of two consenting adults. Law enforcement in Vancouver does not harass escorts or their clients.

+ Do you travel?

Yes. My passport is up to date.

+ Are the photos in this site really you?

What you see is what you get. The photos in this website are me, recent, and accurately depict how I look and dress.

+ Do you smoke?

No. I don’t mind if you do though. There is no smoking permitted in my studio however.

+ Where are you located?

I’m in Vancouver, Canada but I’m open to traveling to you. My private studio is located downtown in the neighbourhood known as the West End.

+ How much do you charge and how can I pay you?

Please see my fees and payments page.

+ Can we meet for a coffee date first before I decide to do something more intimate?

Absolutely. My fee for that is $150 and it’s up to an hour.

+ Can I chat to you on the phone or skype first?

Yes please see my phone number here. It’s best to text first and set up a time to chat.