How much is quality intimacy actually worth?

Probably it’s priceless but I do have standard fees for my services.

Your First Date

$150 for up to 90 minutes at my studio. Not a huge commitment, but plenty of time for you to meet me, see my studio, and share some intimate pleasure – whatever you desire. This is a one time special offer for ladies new to me.

Note: This date must be paid upon reserving.

The Coffee Date

$100 for up to an hour in a cafe. If you prefer to meet me in a public place first and just chat. This is a one time special offer for ladies new to me.

Note: This date must be paid upon reserving.

Hourly Intimate Time

Pure intimate pleasure and play at my studio or your hotel in Vancouver. Suitable for The Quickie and Your First Time and Healing Sex dates.

1 hour – $300

1.5 hours – $400

2 hours – $450

Additional hours – $200 each

Let’s Get to Know Each Other – Special Introductory Packages

In any relationship, intimacy and depth builds over time with regular meetings. These packages make that easier for you. They apply to ladies new to me and must be booked within 2 weeks of Your First Date (see above). Suitable for all types of dates.

Six 90 minute dates – $1500 (save $900 off my regular rate)

Six 2 hour dates – $1800 (save $1100 off my regular rate)

Note: These fees must be paid in advance or on your first date. All dates must be used within 3 months. 


Social Dates and Travel

These fees apply if you’d like to spend more social time with me. Each date (or day for longer dates) includes about 2 hours intimate time. Suitable for A Good Man and Stand-In Boyfriend dates.

Lunch – 4 hours – $600

An Evening Out – 6 hours – $800

A Day Adventure – 8 hours – $1000

Overnight – 16 hours – $1600

A Full Day – 24 hours – $2000

A Weekend – 48 hours – $3500

A Week – 7 days – $8000

These fees are for my time. You would cover all additional costs for travel, food and entertainment as well. I require a 50% deposit on dates 6 hours or longer.  Please see my cancellation policy below for details.

How can you pay?

I accept cash, major credit cards and interac e-transfers. If paying by cash, I prefer if you pay me at the beginning of your date. You can just hand it to me or put it in an envelope. If paying by credit card your charge will show up on your statement as “Spa Services”.

Cancellation Policy

Life happens and sometimes the plan needs to change. Please give me as much notice as you can and we can reschedule. However there are a few times when a cancellation fee will apply.

For “no shows” or anything less than 24 hours notice of cancellation on all dates.

  • 100% of the missed date fee must be paid before I’ll make any further appointments with you.

For dates longer than 6 hours (these require a 50% deposit upon reserving):

  • With 1 week notice – no fee if the date is rescheduled, otherwise you forfeit your deposit.
  • With less than a week notice – 25% of the date fee (half of your deposit) if the date is rescheduled, otherwise you forfeit your entire deposit.

If I have to reschedule:

I will give you as much notice as I can and reschedule as soon as I’m able to. If for some reason we are unable to reschedule and you’ve paid a deposit, I will return it in full.