A Healing Journey to Great Sex is a Hero’s Journey.

Great sex is one of life’s richest gifts. Yet for many women sex is boring, unsatisfying or even painful. They struggle with physical and emotional blocks that just won’t go away.

If this is you, it’s not your fault and there is hope. You don’t have to resign yourself to a life of no sex or bad sex. Great sex, your version of a great sex, is possible.

Getting there is a healing journey. A hero’s journey. It’s one I’ve helped many women complete successfully. You don’t have to do it alone.

What the healing journey looks like.

The starting point is learning to connect with your body and listen to its powerful wisdom.

From there, you’ll work on empowering your voice and choice, for example, by responding to the question, “How would you like to be touched?”

Then you’ll practice receiving the touch your body wants, touch that brings pleasure.

We always start with very mild touch, like a hand massage, then repeat the steps above many times. Your body’s wisdom and the vital force of Eros will guide us and illuminate a clear path towards wholeness.

You always have choice in the journey.

While I’m an excellent guide, you’re the one in charge of this journey. You always have choice and agency to cautiously explore new territory, change your mind, stop, rest, express emotions and savour pleasure.

All of this happens slowly, mindfully, breath by breath, with frequent pauses to reflect upon how you’ve changed, and what you’ve learned about yourself. There is lots of spaciousness to allow for integration.

The healing journey is not easy.

As you connect with your body, practice voice and choice, and explore touch that brings you pleasure, your usual difficult material around sex and intimacy will show up.

Except this time it will arise within a sacred space of safety, loving kindness and skilled support. To your journey, I bring the knowledge and wisdom of 15 years experience as a sensual bodyworker, tantra teacher, Hakomi practitioner, and somatic sex educator.

My broad skill set includes accurate information about sex, rock solid consent and communication practices, creative solutions to old problems, encouraging words, exquisite touch, gentle coaching and powerful somatic practices.

Your journey to great sex is a hero’s journey.  You’ll need purpose, courage and a strong ally to succeed. You can count on me. I’ll stand with you.

That’s the essence of the healing journey distilled for the internet. I’m happy to chat in depth about it with you.