ABOUT Ethan Shore

Welcome. I’m Ethan Shore. A Man for You.

Thank you for exploring my site. I’m Ethan Shore. A Man for You. You’ve got some sass to even consider indulging yourself with a male escort. The idea of it! I have a feeling we’re going to get along.

So as I see it, you’re the leading lady and I’m your main man in your new adventure of love, passion and romance. That’s a big promise to deliver on, so here’s more about me to help you decide for yourself.

Who is Ethan Shore?

Well I certainly didn’t grow up dreaming I would become an escort. But if my high school counselor had told me a career of making meaningful intimate connections was possible, I would have started on this path a lot sooner.

Honestly, I would have been a very mediocre escort earlier on in life. I’m 51 years old now with several decades of serious personal work behind me – work becoming the man I’ve always wanted to be. A man I’m proud to share with you.

So what am I proud about?

Most importantly, I’m compassionate and caring. TLC is the essence of intimacy. I’ve got it in abundance. My heart is kind and loving.

In addition to that I’ve got presence and emotional depth. I welcome your fullness and intensity – your joy, sadness, frustration, excitement, contentment, anger and unbridled lusty desire. Bring it on. I can hold all of you.

So that’s the core of me. But I also have a couple of escort secret super powers.

First, I’ll always notice and affirm your unique beauty, wit, charm and goodness – like a sacred mirror which shows you the best of you.

Second, I masterfully create moments that are sensual, warm and authentic. Where you’re immersed in pleasure. Tapped into the flow. Alive.

On that note, let’s talk about sex.

Sex to me is an art form not an agenda. Great sex has its own intelligence and soul.  It’s guided from moment to moment by pleasure and the mysterious energy of Eros that we follow, not lead.

I’m a generous and practiced lover who can get the mojo going and keep it flowing. Try me.

I understand that most men think they’re God’s gift to women in bed and that’s hella annoying. But my credentials are real, I have 15 years of experience as a sexual pleasure educator, sensual bodyworker and somatic therapist.

Here are some things you can expect in the boudoir with me.

Most importantly, I give exquisite sensual touch. Touch that will relax, arouse, tease and please your whole body.

My touch is always responsive to the subtle unspoken cues of your pleasure. And I’m skilled at helping you find the perfect words to clearly give voice to your desires.

Of course, all of this happens with active mutual consent. Hello, we live in the era of #metoo. The brutish selfish nonsense that used to pass as “good” sex is not what you’re going to get with me. That’s a promise.

I can confidently boast that I’m Certified Bedroom Awesome.

Well way better than average anyhow.

One final thing about me. Without being too vain, I have a lean, athletic body (6’3”, 180 lbs), a handsome face and soft skin. I maintain and tune my body for pleasure. Your pleasure.

That was a lot of words about sex. Well, sex is central to intimacy and deserves its proper due. But clearly, intimacy is more than sex – conversation for example.

The Art of Conversation

I believe conversation offers the potential for deep soul nourishment. Great conversation is a dance of curiosity and vulnerability, where we get to know another being and discover new aspects of ourselves.

So let’s chat. My brain is fully functional. I’m a university grad with a major in engineering and a minor in psychology. My interests range from the mundane to the spiritual. I keep up with world events, culture and science. We definitely live in interesting times. I’m always looking for new ideas and perspectives. Some of my regular media sources include: The Atlantic Magazine, The Guardian News, CBC Ideas and NPR Radiolab.

As a personal growth enthusiast, I’m fascinated with the human body and consciousness. I’m awed by the ways we move, think, feel and relate. Yoga, nutrition, nature, meditation, spiritual practice, and technologies for self inquiry and human connection are favourite interests of mine.

As a devoted single dad who’s had a few serious relationships, I’m no stranger to the joys and woes of family life. Hopefully your time with me will be a pleasant distraction from that part of your life. But, if you just need to talk about it to someone who can relate, I’m with you.

I love escaping the seriousness of life too, especially through great fiction. I’m an avid reader. A few of my favourite authors are Margaret Atwood, Jacqueline Carey, Neil Gaiman, Tom Robbins and J.K. Rowling. I’m sure we’ll find something to talk about.

I’m good with silence too. There’s a time for both.

So is Ethan Shore, A Man For You?

So is Ethan Shore, A Man for You?

I hope at this point you have a better idea of who I am. Unconventional. Thoughtful. Loving. Experienced. Multifaceted. Funny. Passionate. Real.

My life has always been full of twists and turns as I’ve pursued my purpose. Over the years I’ve been a white water raft guide and kayaker, action sports photographer, Canadian military officer, wilderness explorer, sensual bodyworker, sex educator, somatic therapist and finally an escort.

More than anything I love an adventure with someone who has passion for life. I’m hoping you just may be that someone. Be bold. Take a chance. Reach out. I’m here for you.

Ethan Shore. A Man for You.