Your Desires, on Demand. The Quickie.

Busy women are passionate women. You need a quickie.

You are not just a mother, a wife, or an employee who takes care of everyone else’s needs first. You are a sexual being with your own needs to be satisfied!

But how? Your calendar is completely packed…hmmm…except for 2:00 pm on Wednesday. You did have a few errands to do downtown anyway.

Your tense body longs for the release of a deep and sensual massage. Or maybe you crave something wilder and hotter.

A few quick text messages arranges everything. You arrive at my apartment, and I buzz you in. As you ride the elevator up, adrenaline courses through your body. You feel your heart pounding. Heat rises from below. You knock gently on my door.

Even if you’re in a stable loving relationship, you can have these fantasies. There is nothing wrong with them. They are common. Any guilt you may feel is just the creaky, old voice of an unfair social norm that has always favoured men. Times have changed. You’re allowed to want what you want – and have it. Break the rules. Be free. Give your sensual desires a little breathing room. You’ll be surprised how alive you’ll feel. Your reputation and relationship will stay safe. This is just between you and me. Our secret. Pleasure, as an end in itself, no longer exclusively belongs to men. Take yours.