Women Who See Male Escorts

Who are the women who see male escorts? And why?

The short answer to that question is, any woman whose intimate needs aren’t being fully satisfied. Those needs include sex, friendship, dating, healing, coaching, confidence building, travel, adventure and even love.

This page offers a closer look at the diversity of women who see male escorts and their motivations. Perhaps you will recognize yourself described here. Hopefully these words will help you clarify your needs and feel more at ease with the idea of seeing me.

Here’s the list in three broad groups, single women, married or partnered women and women who have particular needs. I’ve also included links to the different services that she might use.

Single Women Who See Male Escorts

A recently single woman who is not ready to jump right into a new relationship. She may need to heal some emotional damage caused by that relationship. She needs some easy wins to feel desirable, and get her confidence back, before re-entering the dating scene.

Any woman who is wary of the emotional labour required in taking care of a needy man.

An introverted, shy or anxious woman who has a hard time with social situations, especially ones where sensual intimacy might be involved.

A woman who has shut down her sexual energy for years or decades because of bad sex or the endless demands of motherhood. She wants a sexual reawakening.

A woman who just wants a hot hook-up. She doesn’t want to risk her reputation by approaching anyone she knows personally, and she just isn’t into the bar scene or internet dating.

A busy woman who simply doesn’t have the time or energy to date.

A woman who wants to be escorted on vacations or to attend events because she feels lonely, unsafe or worries about unwanted attention from random strangers.

A woman who needs a fake boyfriend for social events like weddings and family reunions. She needs to deflect the criticism and pressure of relatives who want her to be attached.


Married and Partnered Women Who See Male Escorts

A married women who is sexually and emotionally unfulfilled. She doesn’t want to leave or disrupt her marriage even if it isn’t totally perfect. What marriage is? Her family, financial and social ties are precious to her. She doesn’t want the risk of a messy affair that could hurt her or the people she’s loves.

A women in a new relationship with a man she really likes. She wants to upgrade her sex skills so she can bond more deeply with him.

A woman who has sexual kinks and fantasies that she yearns to explore that her partner just isn’t into. She doesn’t want to risk being shamed or belittled.

Women Who Have Particular Needs Who See Male Escorts

A woman who struggles with feeling unattractive because of her looks, age or weight. She longs to feel beautiful and desired.

A woman with a disability who needs a kind man to to work with her specific limitations in a loving and positive way.

A woman who needs healing from past sexual and emotional trauma. She needs a safe place and a skilled companion who will patiently and slowly help her find her way back to her body, intimacy and sexual pleasure.

A woman visiting Vancouver who would like a gentleman to show her the local secrets and keep her company.

A woman who wants her first experience of sexual intimacy to be consensual, exquisitely pleasurable and empowering.

As you can see, there are many women who see male escorts for many diverse reasons. Seeing an escort can be a one-time indulgence, a meaningful time of growth or healing, or a smart choice for meeting your intimate needs on an ongoing basis that fits your lifestyle.