Let’s Make Your First Time Fantastic!

Virginity. You’re not alone. Not having sex until later in life is very common even in these hyper-sexual times. There are many possible reasons why this happens.

Maybe you’ve been waiting for the right man – who’s really taking his time to show up.

Perhaps you’re the heroine in a tragic story of star-crossed love.

It could be that you’re just shy and introverted.

Or you may have had a negative experience early on and now you feel blocked. You’ll want to read the Healing Sex story if this your situation.

Whether the delay has been by choice or circumstance, this missing experience now feels like a burden.

You’re longing for this essential rite of passage. You’re ready to claim your power and confidently enjoy sexual intimacy.

But since you’ve waited so long, let’s do this right.

You’ll need to feel safe and relax into an authentic connection between us. We can start with a chat on the phone or Skype, then have a coffee date to see if there’s some chemistry. From there, we can slowly progress to more intimate ways of connecting. This process takes time, from several to many dates.

There’s never any rush.

I promise to honour your process, gently yet confidently guiding you toward your goal, while keeping the mood light hearted and sexy. Together we’ll make your first time an enchanted journey of pleasure to be savoured, a happy story that you’ll always remember fondly. One that becomes a inspiration for a lifetime full of rich intimacy.